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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Inconvenient Realities Conveniently Ignored By The Indian Liberals and The Indian Left-Wing

The Inconvenient Realities Conveniently Ignored By The Indian Liberals and The Indian Left-Wing

The current outpouring of anti-US and liberal bullshit from the afore-mentioned groups in India in response to the OBL killing  has finally prodded me to rant about their blatant intellectual dishonesty.

1.         They will utter stock phrases like ‘the dead should be treated with dignity’ or use facebook status updates like ‘I cannot celebrate death’. They do not stop to think about the disrespect this shows to the thousands who died in the twin towers at the hands of OBL or the thousands who have died in India at the hands of similar ideology. Whilst uttering such stock-phrases, they don’t have the courage to actually come out and say which side they support.

2.         When it comes to supporting a particular side in this argument, they will talk semi-intelligently about geopolitical issues and crimes committed by the US. During this outpouring of scorn, they will conveniently neglect to mention that they prefer to live and work in the US and indeed are quite desperate to do so on many occasions.

3.         Gujarat as an example of right-wing extremism in India is a constant talking point. What is conveniently ignored is that the anti-Sikh riots in India after Indira Gandhi’s assassination did not involve the right-wing parties in India. The default option during any riot is to blame the right-wing and this is stated without a hint of irony at the bigoted nature of the accusation.

4.         They will sympathise with minorities and tribals, which is of course correct. However, point out the conditions of the Kashmiri pandits and how they were driven out elicits an embarrassed mumble and a quick change of the topic!

5.         Tribals and the tribal way of life will be eulogised but they will actually never go and live in a tribal area.

6.         They will oppose crony capitalism, big business, capitalism in general without offering an alternative model and whilst benefiting from the largesse and opportunities afforded by all three !!

7.         While on an anti-capitalism rant, they lack the courage to say that they prefer to live in communist states. They also usually own at least one high-tech, expensive and truly decadent product and likely to have it on their person when they are on their anti-capitalist rant J J

8.         Slum-redevelopment will be opposed frequently when they are in five-star hotel bars and restaurants or living in comfortable middle-class housing.

9.         Then, their next argument is that they oppose all state-intervention and heavy-handedness, which is fine until the next failure by a government to meet their standards of governance is met with virulent criticism. So the game goes on. Vehemently oppose the state and its structures and any strengthening thereof in public fora and on facebook discussions but at the first instance of a failure of state institutions, lament at the lack of effective governance they spend so much energy in undermining and criticising!!

The next post will be about the inconvenient truths ignored by the Indian right-wing! That should be fun too.


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