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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pondering over Anna Hazare's agitation

 All the hyperventilating leftists in India who are going ga-ga over Anna Hazare's fast is enough to make me very queazy and suspicious.
A few random thoughts:
  1. Is the Lokpal going to supersede the courts with its own police force?
  2. What's to stop the Lokpal and its powers from being misused especially if it has its own police force?
  3. All institutions can be corrupted as its the individuals who are corrupt. What's to ensure that the Lokpal is an exception?
  4. Why should we not be suspicious of unelected NGO chaps and santcimonius individuals like Anna Hazare who insist on being involved in framing laws now?
  5. Instead of having a new institution like a Lokpal, why cant Anna Hazare and his fellow agitators improve the existing law and order machinery?
  6. Why cant all Indians give comments on issues like Lokpal or for that matter any other law? Why should we be subject to the whims and fancies of these agitators?
  7. Why cant these people realise that we are not ruled by the british and freedom-movement like andolans are passe. I must admit that i am a little ambivalent on this point as the indian government by its very nature is brutal and ignores citizens unless they indulge in violence!
  8. Is this another agitation hijacked by the english media and the yuppies who like nothing better than an excuse to be on talk shows and light candles !


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